About us

About the company:

Growing up in the countryside of Columbus Mississippi, my brother and cousins and I spent much time together.  Being around the same age, we shared many adventures and learned many things amongst one another.  As we aged we found different things we loved and began to focus on our own paths. Despite our many differences, we would always share the bond of a childhood together.  
Cousin's belt company believes no two of us can ever be the same, yet we share common ground.  Our designs look to celebrate our differences and join them together on the common grounds of respect and appreciation for our world.

About the Cousin's belt:

For years I had dreamed of redesigning the elastic "baseball belt" for a more functional  appeal. Since I was young I had worn these baseball belts daily. Learning to skateboard, I discovered that the elastic in the belt made for a comfortable experience and uninhibited movement. 

Near the end of 2015 I designed this dream belt and began sourcing the materials I would need. In only months the designs came to life.
We are very proud of our work thus far.  With your help we look forward to producing many more original items just for you, our customer.

-Brandon Davis,
Founder of Cousin's belt company